Car Accidents

Crash kills one, injures several in California

A sport utility vehicle was driving on Sepulveda Boulevard at the intersection of Montana Avenue when a 2010 Ford Focus made a U-turn, resulting in a major collision. The SUV, a 2007 Suburban, hit the smaller vehicle. Three people were injured and rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where one, aged only 25, was pronounced dead a few hours later.

The remaining people involved in the car accident reported only minor injuries. The driver of the Focus was reported to be only 20 years old, and the SUV driver was 33. The the police report that no arrests were made.

Fatalities are not the norm for most surface street crashes, but they are also not uncommon, and side collisions or other non-frontal collisions can be very dangerous. In this cases like these, it’s important to tend to any medical issues that arise immediately. Contact friends and family as needed, and then always speak with an attorney.

It’s the driver’s responsibility to make many decisions that influence the safety of the passengers, one of which includes being aware of oncoming traffic. While the exact causes of the accident haven‘t been determined by police, if the driver of the car failed to be aware of oncoming traffic that was behaving normally, it’s possible that that driver could be held responsible in both civil and criminal court. However, if the driver of the oncoming car was speeding or driving negligently, that can also affect the case. An experienced lawyer can help their client navigate the complicated web of evidence from the police, hospital reports, and witnesses.

Source: Redondo Beach Patch, “Redondo Beach Resident Injured in Fatal Westside Crash,” Nicole Mooradian, April 27, 2013